Hello everyone!

My name is Alexandra Pfeifer, I’m a 19-year-old singer, dancer and musician from Stuttgart, Germany. After finishing school in 2017, I’m very happy to be able to fully concentrate on my musical career.

Ever since the first time I saw the Mamma Mia musical at the age of six, I knew that this was, what I wanted to do in life. To me, a musical is the perfect opportunity to shut out the everyday stress, as it opens up a world of creativity, I can find nowhere else. I would never be able to choose between singing, dancing or playing music. Combining these three aspects of entertainment, is an expression of pure happiness.

During my leisure time I also love composing music. My mother motivated me, to start playing the piano and the violin at a very young age. From these days on, it’s become an indispensable part of my life.

For these reasons, I‘m currently planning to fulfil my childhood dream and study musical at university.